Do you like adventure? Check out 7 places to do ecotourism in Ceará!

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1 - Villa Mango Beach Bungalows - in Amontada

For those looking for radical places by the sea, but are concerned with nature preservation, Icaraizinho beach in Amontada is a good destination. Located 190 km from Fortaleza, VillaMango Beach Bungalows has rustic architecture and combines comfort and charm. The facilities seek to provide full integration with Nature, featuring handcrafted stilt bungalows handcrafted from certified wood and reforestation eucalyptus, designed with circulation at all cardinal points, thus providing a warm and naturally ventilated environment.

The site uses water and energy efficient equipment, selective waste collection, ecological bath drainage and renewable energy sources such as solar water heating.

When it comes to adventure and extreme sport, VillaMango offers an official squash court and provides the perfect place for windsurfing, kite surfing, stand-up paddle and canoeing. In addition, it is worth mentioning the 6 km of waterfront for walking, cycling or running in the dry season.

2 - Rancho do Peixe (Fish Ranch) - in Cruz

Pousada Rancho do Peixe is a tranquil tropical hideaway on Prea Beach, 300 km from Fortaleza, and next to Jericoacoara Beach. A good choice for those seeking tranquility and direct contact with nature. The hostel has 22 80 m² bungalows made of wood and straw, surrounded only by the sea, coconut trees and dunes. Prea Beach has one of the most favorable winds for windsurfing and kitesurfing, and the hostel is located at Rancho do Kite, one of the best known kite schools in the world. The teachers are graduated from the International Kiteboarding Organization (IKO), have first aid certification and are able to teach students in various languages.

Rancho do Peixe also has an exclusive spa offering massages, skin treatments and therapeutic body care. After all, your rest doesn't have to be adventurous only.

3 - Pedra dos Ventos Resort (Windstone) -  in Quixadá- Pedra dos Ventos Resort - Quixadá

Changing the scenery of fine sand and blue sea to the rock formations of the interior of the state we have Pedro dos Ventos Resort as an example. Diversification and the sky colored by the hang gliders and paragliders of sportsmen from around the world is the differential of the Resort. Located in Serra do Juá, in Juatama, 18 km from Quixadá, and 187 km from Fortaleza, the resort provides a perfect interaction with nature.

  Pedra dos Ventos Resort is a great place for those who want to have the sky as a limit, as well as the comfort and tranquility of the mountains in various radical activities. The site has three gliding ramps (hang gliding and paragliding), with the possibility of two excellent flight options: the Sanctuary Ramp, with 460 m altitude, and the Pedra dos Ventos Ramp, with 600 m. In order to use the ramps it is necessary qualification approved by the Brazilian Free Flight Confederation, and to fill in a form at the hotel reception. For those who do not know how to fly but want to "enjoy a flight", the establishment indicates a pilot. The cost of the course lasts approximately three months and costs an average of $ 2,000.

  The hotel also has four ecological trails of different difficulty levels and a specific one to be made by bike, soccer field, four fishing dams and pools to relax when tiredness hits. 

4 - Sítio do Bosco - Tianguá (Dom Bosco Grange)

Born from a process of recovery and reforestation of a capoeira area in the Chapada da Ibiapaba, Sítio do Bosco provides an encounter with nature and has one of the best campsites in the Northeast. The site is located in Tianguá municipality, 312 km from Fortaleza.
With a mineral water pool, free flight ramp, reforested area, trails, slackline, rappelling, chalets and lookouts with panoramic altitude, the site offers fun and a cold climate by Ceará standards, between 15 ° and 20 °.

From June to November, during the Full Moon period, the traditional “Luau da Montanha” takes place every month, a moment specially prepared for couples, with live music and a romantic atmosphere designed for the outdoors.

5 - iPark Complexo Turístico - Maranguape (iPark Tourist Complex) - in Maranguape

For those in the Capital who do not want to travel far, the iPark Tourist Complex may be a good choice. The park has 173 hectares and more than 30 types of outdoor leisure activities and is located in Maranguape, less than 35 km from Fortaleza.

The attractions of the place are distributed in three fields: the leisure field, the tactical field and the adventure field. In each of them, there are activities and games for all ages, from the most playful, such as pedal boats on the lake, to the most radical, such as zip lines, climbing wall, wakeboard, paintball, banana boat, kayaking and stand. up paddle

Visitors to the iPark can also visit the Cachaça Museum. Housed in an original 1846 mansion, the museum tells the story of one of the largest and most prized cachaça in the world. Other highlights are the Big Tonel, the largest timber in the world in 2003 registered by the Guinness Book, with a capacity to store 374 thousand liters of cachaça, and the Engenho Artesanal, where it is possible to follow the simulation of the manufacturing process of the cachaça. Price list and activities can be found on the park's website.

6 - Villa Itacupa - Caucaia
Those interested in a deeper, more alternative experience that allows changes in habits and rhythm, which is close to the Capital, can look for Villa Itacupa, in Caucaia, 20 km from Fortaleza. The place has several options to enjoy a few days of healthy vegan food by the beach, as well as proximity to the beach waters of Praia da Tabuba.

Itacupa acts as a villa, where there are suites that can be rented, offering a good value, costing R $ 45 per person per day in shared rooms, including breakfast. Importantly, as the property is completely vegan, guests are kindly requested not to consume animal foods on site. The place has a water sports program offered by Club Itacupa, which offers kiteboarding, windsurfing, stand up paddle, surfing, among others. In addition to special events and healthy eating courses, which can be checked on the property fanpange.

7 - Engenhoca Parque Ecoeducativo - Aquiraz (Eco-educational Engenhoca) - In Aquiraz

Still for those who do not want to go far beyond the capital and want something that mixes beach, backcountry, antiques and mangrove in one place, the Engenhoca Park is a place worth knowing. 15 km from Fortaleza, in the municipality of Aquiraz, on the east coast of the state, the park has an extensive nature area and can be a great entertainment option with culture. There are many adventure attractions, such as zip lines, tree climbing, kayaking, pedal boats, water ball, aerojump; In addition to the leisure attractions such as nature trail, bike trail, farm and many other options to entertain adults and children.

In addition to the fun, the park has excellent dining options at Moenda Restô and Alambique bar, offering contemporary cuisine with regional touches. These are à la carte dishes, snacks, desserts and a varied self-service buffet.

Being in a historic city in Ceará, Aquiraz, Engenhoca breathes culture and tells the trajectory of the site through the Museum of Colonial Engine and the Jesuit Ruins dating from 1727. Check here the rates of Engenhoca.

Reporter CAROLINA MELO - Web Newsroom (TV Diário)

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