By Day

Fortaleza, the capital of the state of Ceará, has been one of the most popular tourist destinations for decades. With an easy-to-remember grid pattern, the city combines sunny urban beaches, bustling nightlife, delicious restaurants, rich Brazilian culture and a very friendly people.

Get to know some historical monuments of Fortaleza, such as the Metropolitan Cathedral, the third largest church in Brazil. Other renowned landmarks include the José de Alencar Theater, Ceará Museum, Tourism Center and Nossa Senhora da Assunção Fortress. Remember to take pictures of the various statues of Iracema! You will also have the option to stop at Central Market, one of the most popular craft markets, to buy local souvenirs. Then head to Meireles Beach, one of Fortaleza's many urban beaches. With its stretch of beach surrounding the craft fair and raft port, Meireles is a popular spot for both tourists and locals.

By Night

Do you think it's just the sun say goodbye to the fortress movement fall? Finger mistake! The city has lively nightlife on any day of the week and offers visitors a wide range of nightlife options for lighter or more intense programmers. The forró, much appreciated in the capital of Ceará, and the humor shows of regional artists are excellent for the night.

After 18h, the Handicraft Fair of Av. Beira Mar is very popular with tourists. In place you can buy fresh chestnuts, find a gift for friends or make a home purchase. At this time the boardwalk is also in full swing and for those who like to walk and watch the movement, strolling along the waterfront is a great idea. The week starts lively at Pirate Bar, with "the craziest Monday in the world," as they say. The house is really crowded, with people of different age and forró, besides other northeastern rhythms. For those who like to dance, it is worth knowing.

If the idea is to watch a humor show, you'll find plenty of them in town. One of the most popular places to see a show is Lupis Bier, which hosts characters like Adamastor Pitaco and Rossicléa.

For dancing forró on Tuesdays and Fridays, the Arre Mare is accurate. With live music and a mix of bar and nightclub, it is a good choice for those who want to dance. Thursday is crab day and you can't leave Fortaleza without enjoying the night in a good restaurant; Our tip for the farm is to go to one of the Praia do Futuro tents, which also have a night schedule. The Chico do Caranguejo tent is one of the most traditional and, besides serving a fancy crab, has live music and humor show.

With the arrival of the weekend, Fortaleza gains even more entertainment options. The unmissable Dragão do Mar Center is a cultural program and also a place to enjoy a good bar. The place concentrates cinema, art exhibitions, cafes and very charming bars; Going to the Dragon at night is shooting and falling for those looking for fun. Nearby is Orbit, a ballad that even works on Sundays, and is good for those who enjoy rock, flirt or meet one of the most popular environments among the youth of the capital.

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