3 Beaches in 1 Day!

Get to know 3 beaches of Ceará in just one tour. This is the promise of the tour of the 3 beaches, offered in Fortaleza. The tour includes the beaches of Morro Branco, Praia das Fontes and Canoa Quebrada. If you have little time to know the beauty and beaches of Ceará, this trip may be worthwhile. The proposal is precisely that of the title. You know 3 beaches in just 1 day. A good one for those who have little time, but can be too busy for those who like to know (and relax) a little more in places. The tour includes the beaches of Morro Branco (and its maze of cliffs), Praia das Fontes and the famous Canoa Quebrada. It's a lot to see in a short time.


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